Do It Properly

Lead generation campaigns take skill to do properly. Here are some things to consider when building a new campaign:

Goals – If you don”t decide what you”re looking to get out of the campaign, you wont get anything at all. Add to that the difficulty many people have with approaching people off-the-bat, and you can end up making a mess of it. Having a goal oriented campaign will help you understand the campaign results.

Target market – Are you targeting businesses or consumers? What type of businesses or who are the consumers you will be targeting? How do you decide if they are relevant to your business? This is the second step.

Your offering – Why are you targeting these people/businesses? Your offering to them has to be tailored in a way that will be appealing and interesting. You also have to be sure your prospects will understand the benefit.

The timing – How do you identify customers in the right stage of the buying cycle? Do they need to be free from other distractions and have a clear mind to listen? Or do they need to be in the middle of their workday when your time-saving coffee-making whizz-banger will be of the most use to them?

Why is this important?

Generating good leads is vital in expanding in your business, but knowing how to do this can be a tricky process. Many businesses think advertising relies on mass media networks or mass emails, and while this may be fine for some businesses; many will find these processes do not work well enough on their own. For example, buyers don’t tend to look at a generic email and immediately think to buy the product if the email is unappealing and simple. Through these types of cheap, mass emails, prospect relationships are hurt, and you can serve to put your customer base off rather than engage with them effectively. After all, nobody wants to be marketed to like a number. If you can get the customer to engage with your brand on a personal level, and feel they are truly valued, however, this method of lead generation can help produce both high quality and relevant prospect lists. Good leads should be crafted with care and personal attention, so as not to be counter-productive.

Stay Away From Cheap Techniques

Pricing should be a big factor in lead generation, because cheap leads will stick out next to quality ones. Cheap leads (leads that are purchased through faceless, mass marketing campaigns) often don’t have a connection to prospects, and this will show in the follow-up. These cheap leads can make customers shy away from your business, making the perceived value of your company diminish in the prospect’s mind before you’ve even interacted with them. Be sure to get good quality leads. That alone can secure a successful future for any business.