Monitor Agent Activity

Agents can both reach out to prospects and receive customer calls while your system monitors each and every event. No more questioning what remote staff are doing, or throwing good money after bad.

Increase Campaign ROI

Instead of investing in telemarketing campaigns with approximate metrics and best-effort results, track your inbound and outbound campaigns in detail – and make changes almost immediately.

Full Support Provided

Full support and management included as a part of your contact center solution. Spend less time worrying and more time producing.

Flexible and Affordable

Traditional contact center solutions require either large commitments or large budgets – and that’s just not necessary anymore. Our solutions are 100% custom to you – there’s no such thing as typical – and we’ve put together flexible pricing you can realistically afford for the long-term.

Tweak and change as you go

Manage your campaigns and your staff as you normally would, with support from EST to make changes to scripts, data, or campaigns as you decide.

A smart business decision

Rather than worrying about increased costs with unknown outcomes, our pricing scales with results so your spend stays under your control.

Full management and support

Our systems are built and supported completely in-house. The same people who sell you the system are the ones who keep it running.

Cloud-based, On-premise, and Hybrid contact center solutions

EST Connect provides contact center solutions to Australian businesses, to enable them to connect better with their prospects and clients. Anywhere, anytime you can reach who you need to – without large investments and complicated setups.

What’s Included?

Automated Features

Power Dialer

Dial hundreds of numbers simultaneously to keep your agents’ productivity high.

Enterprise level security

Enterprise-grade cloud security to protect your systems and data.

SMS and E-mails

The option to have inbound & outbound SMS and emails as a part of your campaign.

Call transfer and conference

Transfer to or conference with other members of staff in your location, team or campaign.

Full system reporting

Report on every action and interaction as a part of your campaign.

13/1300/1800 Numbers

Add 13/1300/1800 numbers to your service. You can also request numbers close to your business name.

International Direct Dial

Purchase international numbers to make incoming and outgoing calls in any country you transact in.

Campaign features


Time-of-day settings

Automated time-of-day routing, to have all calls diverted automatically after business hours.

Geographic CallerID

Organise for your CallerID to change based on the number or location of your called party.

Call Recording

Record some or all of your incoming and outgoing calls – even those you receive when not in the office.

IVR Auto Attendant

An auto-attendant system that responds to the callers voice, no button presses required.

Staff recruitment and training

Recruitment, training and coaching services on offer.

SMS Messaging Service

Send SMS messages to your clients if you are unable to get hold of them.

Call Queues

Queue incoming calls when your staff are on the line – even let callers know their position in the queue.

Callback Queued Callers

Your system can automatically return calls to your customers when they reach the front of the queue.

Auto-attendant Menu

Add a menu for your callers to select their department, or staff member, when they phone through.

Answering Service

Have calls to your personal extension forwarded to a real live agent when outside business hours, or when you aren’t available.

Custom Hold Music

Your hold music should advertise your products and services while your customers are waiting to speak with you. We can organise custom recordings for you, with or without background music.

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