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Target Your Customers

Start out a step ahead of your compeition but effectvely targeting those businesses who are already primed to become your customer. As a part of the new campaign process we work with you to identy your target market, and target them as effectively as we can. This process then hands over to our sales pipelines.

Follow Up Effectively

Once the leads are rolling in to your pipeline, an effective follow-up process will keep them moving through at a reasonable pace. Sales is a numbers game, and consistent activity will keep your numbers high. From there, our business development services will turn many of your prospects into customers for you.

EST Complete Sales Pipelines and conclusions

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is about one thing: making quality connections with the right prospects, so you can turn them into customers.

Effective lead generation starts with understanding both your business’ sales cycle, and your customers’ buying cycle. Where these align, that’s where your lead generation efforts should be targeted – and this is true for any marketing channel.

In the first instance, we cannot work with your business if you don’t already understand both of these concepts. Click here to see our sales pipeline services if you don’t already know how these cycles map out – together we will identify your target market, and build strategies for how to reach them.

Once we have mapped out these early stages, lead generation is about working the right strategies and tweaking the right areas to improve campaign performance. Something of a targeted scatter-shot approach is most effective, combining a good strategy with large numbers. EST Connect looks after both areas for you, with a system and infrastructure that have been developed by us over our many years in the industry.

Before we look at the activity stages, however, there are a few things to consider about your service:

What’s a Lead?

Here’s the million (or multi-million) dollar question. What is a lead? Connecting with the right prospects – as we mentioned above – is all well and good on paper, but what do you get when you purchase leads from EST?

A lead consists of 3 main features (identified via building a sales pipeline):

  • The correct target market
  • The correct contact person
  • The correct stage in your sales cycle

Target Market:

Many people think that identifying their target market means deciding on the industry they want to approach. In a way it is, but it’s really much more than that. Where an industry may have a general need for your product or service, working further through the target market identification process both improves your target within that industry, and brings up prospects from other industries.

Consider that you have a business supplying concrete to small construction firms. While all construction firms should need concrete at some stage in the build process, what you really want are those firms that need your concrete. It really doesn’t matter if they need someone else’s, or if they need just anyone’s concrete at all.

Contact Person:

Likewise, and sticking with the concrete business from earlier, you may think the person who places orders is the right person for you to speak to. It almost never is. Sure, if you want to add your company to the list of people they can order concrete from, by all means phone that person – but if you want to be front-and-centre when it comes to the order process, it often doesn’t start with the order person at all.

Sales Cycle:

Finally, the Sales Cycle. Identifying prospects who are at the right stage to consider your product or service is probably the most important aspect of the leads you purchase. This comes first from building your sales pipeline, but also from the lead generation team you use really appreciating where your business fits in the market. If you work with a run-of-the-mill team who doesn’t understand this, the leads you get won’t be any different to those your competitors get. And so then how do you stand out?

At EST, we make sure the connection between you and your prospects is quality. By doing so, not only are your leads targeted for your business, but they’re much more convertible because of the legwork we do in the first place.

If all three of the above areas are taken into account, every single person you contact will be a highly targeted, qualified prospect for your business. Assuming an effective pipeline is in place, from lead to sale is just a matter of time.

Why get Leads from EST?

At EST, we don’t just focus on the obvious when it comes to generating leads for your business, we go one step further. Our leads are mapped against 4 criteria:

Budget – Does the prospect have the budget available to invest in your product or service? Is your product or service a suitable investment for their business?

Authority – Who is the decision maker within the business when it comes to your product or service? Who are the key influencers who will be part of the decision making process?

Need – Is there an established need for your product or service within the business? Is it something that is already on the prospect’s radar?

Timeframe – What is the purchase timeframe for your product or service within the business? Are there budgets that need to be allocated? How long does this process take to work through?

Investing in a lead generation campaign with EST will provide you high-quality, targeted leads that you can actually convert into customers. Find out more about the conversion process by looking at our sales pipeline services.

Let us take care of finding your customers, so you can focus on looking after them.

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