Pricing information for our hosted cloud infrastructure.

Resource Pricing Table

Prices include hosting, management and per-user VPN access.

*All packages incur a $99 set up fee per user and do not include GST. Contact us for custom pricing on larger orders.

Pricing based on usage

Charges based on system access per user. We can also help recruit staff and source data for your campaign.

Enterprise-grade security

We secure and manage your system as a part of your service, and there are no hidden fees.

Free Data

For Tier 3 campaigns, we have 1.5 million+ records you can use for free.

How does pricing work?


1. Services

First, decide what you want the system for.

  • Do you need it to help you reach more prospects, or more for customer service to incoming callers?
  • Are you looking for just business hours or after hours contact as well?
  • Will you need it for local staff, remote workers, or an offshore team?

What parts are of the most use to your business? If you’re not sure, be sure to check out the features page.

2. Staff

Second, consider staffing.

  • Do you have existing staff you would like to use, or are you going to need to contract or employ more?
  • If you are adding remote workers, will you interview them yourself or contract us to help?
  • Do you need to discuss building an offshore team with us?*

*Offshore staff incur an additional $10 fee per month. This covers bandwidth and management requirements for different countries and timezones.


3. Targeting

Finally, we will have a discussion with you around targets. From the pricing table you will have an understanding of the resource costs, but we want to make sure you’re going to be successful.

Once we have put together the services you will be using and the number of staff required, we will discuss if you need to add data, or other services to your campaign.

Then we connect you with data, create your campaign, and you’re off to the races. We also provide system training for new staff.

Managed Teams.

EST Connect offers pricing based on the usage of your system, but we can also build and manage phone teams for you.

With a full team, the management charges are based solely on the success of your campaign. If you don’t get the result you’re after, we don’t get paid.

That’s a pretty good deal, as far as we can tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

So if I don’t get results I don’t have to pay?

For a managed team, the costs for the system (in the table above) are payable, as are wages and call connection. Management and support is free for managed campaigns – instead we charge a small percentage for each lead or appointment generated from our system.

Do I need physical phones or handsets?

Not at all. While you can use normal phones in many cases, typically it is easier to purchase a USB headset from your local supplier (approximately $20) and connect it to your computer. Each agent will use a computer for the script and database management, and this also makes it easier for support.

Can I bring my phone number/provider with me?

You are absolutely able to use your own phone provider if you wish – however there may be an additional setup fee associated depending on requirements. Additionally, we are able to set your callerID to your existing numbers – subject to eligibility.

Will this work with my existing infrastructure?

Absolutely. Where possible we will integrate with existing systems, or organise a lowest-common-denominator for them to communicate. The only caveat is if you need to take payments or record sensitive information – in which case we will need to discuss your existing cloud security with you first.

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