Why the Cloud?

Some discussion on the reasons for cloud infrastructure.

Numerous Benefits

The benefits to cloud systems are many. From unparalleled scalability to unbeatable continuity, your business stands to benefit in a number of key areas.

Here we look at 6:

  • Rapid deployment
    A cloud-based solution removes the need for lengthy feasability studies and large investments to get your department up and running. There’s no expensive hardware to buy, no infrastructure to map or upgrade, and no outdated licensing models with lengthy contracts that only benefit the vendor. Cloud-based infrastructure is provided through an as-a-service model (SaaS), and as such can be used on an as-needed basis.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    As you don’t need to invest in hardware or infrastructure, increasing your presence or upgrading your features is only a matter of getting in touch.Cloud usage models are based around designed to be flexible, so a support ticket from an authorised contact can add an entire team to your department at 2am, with everything ready by 9.
  • Performance Focus.
    Having flexible infrastructure that is looked after for you means you can focus on results rather staff management. Our cloud systems also provide efficiency reports, so you’re not paying for lengthy bathroom breaks etc. You can allocate different staff to varied approaches or prospect locations, and analyse how well each performs independently.
  • New ways of doing business
    Cloud infrastructure can open up unexpected avenues to traditional businesses. Staff using our system can look after phone calls, emails and instant website chat all from the same location. Imagine you wanted to run a time-sensitive campaign for an upcoming calendar event – you can allocate resources and staffing in a very short timeframe, and release them once the campaign is complete.
  • Agility
    Campaigns with a good idea are often let down by poor execution, which also means wasted man-hours. With cloud-based infrastructure, changes happen within minutes to improve contact methods for your staff. If environmental factors such as a news item, or seasonal changes affect require a change in your strategies, cloud infrastructure can adapt in the time it takes to inform your staff.
  • Technical Support
    We look after the reliability of your infrastructure so you don’t need to worry about things going wrong. Our hosted cloud packages include both support and management services, and very often updates and changes are free.

Contact Center

Mastering the art of business development starts with being reachable. A contact center makes sure your customers can reach you, as well as answering sales questions and handling the basics of customer support. Here are a few reasons businesses implement contact center solutions:

  • Increased availability for your business.
  • Faster turnaround for customer queries.
  • More channels for prospects to contact you.
  • Better understanding of prospect requirements.

There are many more reasons involved. If you’d like more info on why a contact center might be a good decision for your business, we’d be happy to answer any questions for you.

CRM System

Second in the business development process is a robust system for follow-ups. Recording sales activity, customer questions and customer support enquiries gives a better picture of your customer and their requirements, and keeps profit margins heading upward. Here are a few reasons businesses implement CRM systems:

  • Increased understanding of customer requirements.
  • Recording and managing sales activity.
  • Reporting on activity and close rates.
  • Better understanding of market trends.

These are only a few. If you’d like more info on why a CRM is a good decision for your business, we’d be happy to answer any questions.

EST Connect

The final step in the infrastructure process (or the first, depending on who you ask) is to choose a reliable provider. Our contact center solutions have been put together by people who actually use them – and because we use them ourselves, we know how to build them properly.

With a history of building and managing phone systems for large, multi-national contact centers, we are able to implement a solution that is specifically tailored to your business while also providing the full feature set normally reserved for larger corporations. Once you understand what a truly flexible system means for your business, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one. Our solutions suit the small business operator just as well as the large corporate, and are capable of scaling and adapting to almost any business requirement.

Our system started with a single extension in a seperate room that only worked when it felt like it, but is today a hybrid-cloud solution online in 4 different countries, and available in another 12. From the beginning the design process has had the business owner in front – and the ease of use for staff close behind.

Connect Better with your Infrastructure with EST Connect.

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